SPN Insider
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Membership Includes

  • Elevate your business trajectory with our exclusive membership plan, a prerequisite for access to a broad spectrum of our value-packed services:
    • Business Consultations: Personalized, strategic counsel from seasoned professionals.
    • Funding and Grant Assistance: Tailored advice to help navigate the funding landscape.
    • Systems Development: Expert guidance to optimize your business processes for maximum efficiency.

    Additionally, enjoy an inclusive, private 1:1 Business Evaluation Consultation with one of our top-tier business strategists, as a member perk.

    Enhance your business journey with our attractive membership benefits:

    • Exclusive Member Discounts: Avail reductions on our suite of services and programs.
    • Business Education: Broaden your knowledge with our comprehensive, industry-relevant courses.
    • SPN Business D.I.Y: Become a self-sufficient entrepreneur with our hands-on, practical learning modules.
    • SPN ‘Keep the Money’: Master the art of wealth management and preservation for sustained business growth.

    Accelerate your entrepreneurial ambitions by joining the SPN family today.


SPN Wealth Influencer
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  • Member Discounts
  • Business Education
  • SPN Money Basic Training
  • Business Concierge Session
  • Speakers Forum
  • SPN Media Plus (*Receive $1500 Grant to host your own Multi-Platform Streaming TV-Show, SPN technical support included)
  • Upto 50% Discount on Radio and TV Church and Small Businesses Promotional Ad Campaigns
  • Online Training & Marketing Tools

SPN Wealth Influencer Plus
$597 /per month
10x Your Business in One Quarter: The Art of Strategic Business Moves

Imagine going from $50k in revenue to $500k in revenue – all because you met the right person? That’s the power that strategic business moves can have on your business. You are One Decision away from your NEXT Level.

Membership Includes

  • ALL Insider & Wealth Influencer SPN Benefits
  • Customized Monthly Mentoring Sessions
  • Financial Wellness Program
  • Business Credit Training Strategy Sessions
  • SPN @Home Opportunity
  • SPN Passive Income Portfolio
  • SPN Financial Makeover System

SPN Wealth Influencer Elite
$4997 /per month

*Business Owners at this stage of growth must have strong financial controls, and more importantly, a good CFO that will leverage the resources needed to double to a $1 million dollar business in 18 months. That won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen with a bookkeeper or accountant who isn’t as hyper focused on growth as you are. More often than not, solopreneurs in this group have been working with financial strategies that aren’t necessarily focused on growth, but instead are focused on saving money. We’re not saying there’s something wrong with saving money, but if saving money is the strategy, you’re using to double your small business’s revenues – it’s NOT going to work.

By insourcing your firm’s CFO and letting us handle the management and development of this person, you’ll have an A-Team player that will help you plan for growth. You need to have this person on your team with dedicated hours so that they fully understand your business plan and where you are headed for growth.

The SPN-CFO program provides you with a quality CFO that will be driven by growing your small business by the numbers. Ultimately helping you build a more successful company, that is growing profitably and even more efficiently.

If you’re ready to break the seven-figure barrier… let’s get started.

Membership Includes

  • ALL Preceding SPN Benefits
  • Real Members, Real Financial Success Forum
  • Outside Managing Partner (SPN-CFO program)
  • Business plan/deck

Who This Is For…

If you already have a business doing between $35,000 and $75,000 dollars per month in revenue and you are looking for a way to grow what’s already working for you, then this is definitely right up your ally!

SPN Wealth Influencer Grant Writing
$9997 /per month
Winning 7-Figure Government Contracts: Position Your Business to Get Millions!

Grant writing is the process of applying for funding provided by a private, corporate, or government Grantmaker.

Grant funding is crucial to the survival and success of most nonprofits. But the process of capturing grant funding can be highly competitive. When it comes to grant writing, there’s not a formulaic approach. Rather, you’ll need to customize your approach for each funder you pursue.

Our professional grant writing team will work closely with your organization and its stakeholders to fully understand your program objectives and needs. We take care of all the details of a grant proposal — grant program designing; development of the proposal narrative; development of the budget; registrations; and submission of the proposal — so your staff can focus their attention on executing your programs.

We understand how important grant funding is to your organization. SPN Grant Writers can help you meet or exceed your funding goals with our professional grant writing services. We have an enormous pool of talented grant writers who have been awarded just about every type of grant there is. Put our expertise to work for your organization!

This is your opportunity to Maximize Your Internal Resources and Improve Your Probability of Funding.

Membership Includes

  • First three (3) Preceding SPN Benefit Levels
  • Monthly Wellness Kit
  • Real Financial Success Forecast
  • Two (2) written Grant Proposals with Funding Research
  • Two (2) hours 1:1 Scheduled Business Consultation Hours (hours do not roll over)
  • Grant Siren: Get selective grant alerts of high-yield, winnable grant opportunities.


Who Should Join…

If you’re a forward-thinking business professional or a spiritually-aware individual seeking strategic and simplified solutions for grant and funder management, our unique network is tailor-made for you.

By integrating into our platform, you can:

Leverage strategic practices to nurture and strengthen relationships with funders and grantors.

Offload your grant-related responsibilities, enabling a focus on more mission-critical initiatives.

  • Elevate the importance of funder relations and the expansion of your organization’s impact.

Join us in the fusion of business acumen and spiritual wisdom, forging a streamlined journey in the world of philanthropy.