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New to Business

$97 month

Whether you are dreaming of owning your first business or starting your business for the first time, this plan will provide you with important tools and knowledge from our industry experts.

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Starting Ahead

$495 month

This plan is for small business owners and managers who need guidance on how they should scale up their ideas to a profitable business venture.

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Getting Aligned

$897 month

This plan will offer business owners the “Alignment” they need in order to improve their processes, services, and products for better business performance. This plan will empower and provide business owners with strategies that will help them stay focused on reaching their short term business goals.

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Growing Steadily

$1250 month

This plan is designed for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to achieve steady growth for the next 5 years. On this plan, the business owners will learn to expand their customer base, open another branch, or develop a new product offering. Your business may be operating efficiently and is profitable, but you start to think of strategies that can bring your business into the next level and reach its full potential.

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Expanding Strategically

$1495 month

This plan is for highly committed business owners and entrepreneurs. You believe that in order to bring continuous success to your business, you need to introduce change in your processes, system standards and even team members. As a business owner, you are now looking to diversify your portfolio, realizing that you also want another source of passive income and are interested in learning other investment opportunities such as real estate, mergers and acquisitions. This plan will help you to become a Personal and Business Coach, while maintaining a Millionaire’s mindset.

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“ It’s been a pleasure to work with the talented Leaders at Smart People Network over the past two years. They have dramatically expanded the scope of our non-dues revenue potential through programmatic website redirect advertising, e-mail blasts, and especially with our member e-newsletters they provide relevant industry news to our 6,000 residential property managers around the country. What I appreciate most about SPN is how easy it is to work with them : they are always responsive, professional, and fun to work with, and they make our jobs so much easier!"

Shonee' Muse

“As a traditional business association, we support the entire industry. For our members to succeed, the service providers also need to succeed. For businesses and the industry to succeed they all need to be able to connect and network and find sales needs. That’s really what Smart People Network brings to the table.”

Derry Middlebrooks

“My Board tasked me with coming up with another non-due revenue product, and the first thing in mind was talking with Smart People Network. That’s the best endorsement I could give, because that’s where I see my solution. They help me come up with solutions, not just on the revenue side, but in helping us accomplish our mission"

Scott Mason

"Association management is about relationships and marketing is all about results. Smart People Network brings the right amount of both to our digital marketing program. They understand our objectives and have set up editorial and out the box business strategy products to help achieve them. Plus, they’re just really great people to work with."

Crystal M.

I was initially skeptical about how much value I would get out of the Smart People Network and the Master Classes. That skepticism was quickly replaced by enthusiasm. The speakers and courses tackled vital yet rarely addressed leadership concepts such as ethics and emotional intelligence. The network members brought diverse skills and experiences from a variety of different industries. The projects provided insights into local non-profit organizations and their noble causes. After participating in Leadership Masterclasses, I am a stronger leader with a broader network and a deeper connection to the roots of this business area."

Keith Taylor

I just joined last month! Dr. Lang and her team are awesome. The networking and the opportunity to help build business and community is great. Everyone I met has been very gracious and I am excited about the future, looking forward to great things.

Paul Hardiman, II

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Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Weekly Smart Chats Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
One-time 4 hour coaching, planning and business assessment session Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Access to our private, members-only community Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
SPN Deals on favorite software Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Marketing and Brand Management Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Industry Expert Trainers Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Asset Management Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
72 Smart Business Checklists Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Weekly Masterclass Course and Challenges Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly LIVE office hour sessions Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Small Business Loans Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Insiders Funding Solution Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
SPC Quarterly Small Business Grant Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Small Business Grants Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Portfolio Diversity Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Corporate and Private Investors Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Mastermind Alliance Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Grant Writing Masterclass Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Millionaires Roundtable Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Mergers and Acquisitions Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Real Estate with Impact Explorer Scholar Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
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$97 month


$495 month


$897 month


$1250 month


$1495 month


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

All membership options are detailed here. To start your membership, please select the appropriate package and follow the simple steps to complete your purchase.

How does my team or department purchase group membership access?

We provide group access for the Advanced Membership and SPN Membership tiers. For multiple seats, please contact us on to discuss options.

Why can’t I access various articles, reports or events?

All membership benefits are detailed here and access to selected features is provided depending on the membership package you have purchased.
If you are not yet a member, then you can access a few selected free articles per month published on the Smart People Network Business website along with our SPN Business newsletter, sent on a Wednesday and Friday.
To see how your level of access differs for each membership package, see here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all standard credit and debit cards, as detailed when you complete your purchase.

When will I be charged?

All members are charged monthly, and payment is taken when you purchase your preferred membership. Your membership will automatically renew, and we will send you a reminder before your renewal date. If you do nothing, we will charge the payment method you selected. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Will my renewal take effect at full price?

Your membership will automatically renew monthly for further periods of 12 months at the then-current full membership price. If you purchased the entry Membership package in 2021 your introductory discount will apply for your first payment; every subsequent payment will renew at the then-current full price. Your introductory Advanced Membership access will last until 2 November 2021.
Smart People Network (SPN) membership provides voting privileges at the annual membership meeting, SPNupdates the electronic newsletter, invitations to our signature events, business tips, access to resources, member only funding opportunities, networking, and recognition.

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