Revitalizing Entrepreneurship with Spiritual Foundations: The Smart People Network

At the Smart People Network (SPN), we stand as a unifying pillar within the entrepreneurial community, particularly focusing on amplifying the potential within black churches. Through our transformative business education platform, we’re poised to disrupt the modern education system, and reset the status quo.

“Bearing the torch of knowledge and spiritual resilience – Bishop Michael Bates Sr.”

Our vibrant and diverse membership encompasses:

  • Flourishing entrepreneurs who are eager to explore new opportunities.

Small business owners across various industries, irrespective of their years of operation or socioeconomic background.

SPN aims to catapult your entrepreneurial journey, our primary goal being to multiply your net worth twelve-fold. By offering you access to our vast repository of proven strategies and hands-on insights, we help demystify the business landscape and mitigate the risks associated with running a business.

The key benefits you’ll receive through the SPN:

Exposure to core business concepts and strategies that truly work, enabling you to side-step pitfalls and common misconceptions.

Aid in preventing business failures by providing valuable lessons from those who’ve navigated similar paths.

  • Resources and support to transform struggling, average, or even mediocre businesses into extraordinary success stories.

Through SPN, we aim to infuse confidence, drive profitability, and inspire businesses to transcend the boundaries of the ordinary. Stand with us as we collectively redefine the narrative of success within our entrepreneurial community.


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